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What is ISSO?

ISSO is a home-grown seafood restaurant chain in Sri Lanka on a quest to bring high quality and delicious prawn dishes from our island country to all seafood lovers around the world!

ISSO’s origins

ISSO’s origins can be traced back to 2016, in a storefront partially converted from a residential home in central Colombo. We started as a small dining spot in Sulaiman Terrace serving only 16 diners at a time and had less than 10 employees.

Since 2016, ISSO has grown to an almost hundred employee strong operation with 5 outlets across the country. We weathered through multiple disruptive events that tested our resilience and adaptability as a growing seafood restaurant chain in Sri Lanka. Our creativity and steadfast commitment to core values allowed us to overcome these challenges and to continue pursuing ambitious growth. Read about our core values below!

We serve all our dishes with high quality ingredients.

Since day one, ISSO makes sure that all our customers are able to enjoy fresh, nutritious, export-quality prawns in their meals. We source all our prawns from a leading Sri Lankan seafood exporter that supplies to major Asian, European and USA markets. Other key ingredients such as Sri Lankan spices and local fruits and vegetables are all quality controlled for their freshness and taste.

We experiment to bring the tastiest prawn flavors to our customers.

Our ever-expanding menu not only offers creative spins on Sri Lankan classics such as the Jaffna and Negombo prawn curries, but also offers local twists on well-loved international dishes, such as Nasi Goreng and Italian pasta. We look forward to coming up with better and bolder flavors for our customers through collaborations with local and international chefs.

We support the community we come from.

ISSO benefits greatly from recruiting and retaining a team of dedicated employees, and we are committed to their well-being and growth within the company. All service charges go to employees and employees are provided food and accommodation. In one of our outlets, we work with a local women’s orphanage to recruit staff and groom them for managerial positions within the outlet.

We have a long standing partnership with our prawn supplier who shares our values in promoting social and environmental sustainability. We are working with our supplier to better understand where our prawns come from to practice responsible sourcing and support local fishers’ livelihoods.

As ISSO broadens its reach to seafood lovers around the country and around the world, we find ourselves learning more about the great diversity in our aquatic environments. We hope to play a role in cultivating consumers’ ocean and water literacy to deepen their appreciation for sustainable use of marine and coastal resources.